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Public Works | Access Partners

Having a team that does so many critically important jobs, a solution that works with them all

Public Works | Access Partners

Respond to your community quickly

  • Know what projects are being visited, in real time
  • When a call comes in, quickly find and dispatch your crew
  • During times of crisis, have a view that keeps your team and your community informed

Spending the communities money, wisely

  • A solution that can scale with any budget
  • Not only get immense value out of the solution, but find ways to do things better and faster saving you and your team time and money
  • Pricing that is clear, upfront, no strings attached
Public Works | Access Partners
Public Works | Access Partners

Know when and where your team is while they are working through the toughest jobs

  • Pairing GPS on vehicles and the smart devices they carry can help when roads become unavailable or they are working in areas too remote
  • Devices that can work in all of your vehicles and vehicles types, powered, and non powered assets
  • Document progress and initial assessments

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