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First Responder Solutions | Access Partners

Keeping our first responders safe while they are working to ensure we are all safe

First Responder Solutions | Access Partners

Information at the speed of need

  • When needed, the device can be invoked to entire real time tracking to send back data as quickly as possible
  • With FirstNET certified devices, have a dedicated network built for first responders to allow data and services to be prioritized
  • Change how fast and slow you see where your team are when you need in any situation

All together when working together

  • A solution that can work with any and all vehicles types and teams you are working with
  • Easily bring together current and new devices to track and manage your entire team, even if they are using other networks or devices
  • All Departments on one screen
First Responder Solutions | Access Partners
First Responder Solutions | Access Partners

Protect the data for those who protect us

  • Secure systems and privacy are critical when managing the people dedicated to protect and serve
  • FEDRamp, FIPS, HIPAA, and more. The data transmitted needs to be secure, and its is in the most secure environment
  • Data is secured to and from the system

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