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Education Solutions | Access Partners

Access to the right information and tools, when it matters most

Education Solutions | Access Partners

Have the information you need to have the important meetings

  • Have the data you need to deliver the results you desire and use that data to display the impact you are having in your community.
  • Have information at your fingertips to help guide and justify decisions around fleet size and necessary expenses
  • Ensure you have all data to show your vehicles and drivers are operating safely

Make conversations with parents easier

  • You want to keep students safe and ensure you have all the info when parents need it
  • See the buses locations with the ability to track in real time and present historical information from past events
  • View the bus on “street view” to better understand the location surroundings
Education Solutions | Access Partners
Education Solutions | Access Partners

Modernize your operations to stay ahead of the curve

  • Whether you are using the system on propane, EV, diesel, or gasoline; we have one device to track them all
  • Expand your services with routing partners, business intelligence tools, student tracking, and more
  • Manage your entire fleet and assets in a single portal


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